Pigs have a higher IQ than dogs.

How it should be


The Grim Reality


Harling Farm Pig Cruelty.

Two workers have since been sentenced after pleading guilty to multiple counts of animal cruelty following the undercover investigation carried out by Animal Equality. Footage was filmed of the men beating pigs on Harling Farm in Norfolk.



Cheale Meats, Essex. Undercover Investigation.


Animals as commodities.

This sort of brutality is shocking to see but it is common place in the farming industry. These animals are viewed as commodities, not beloved friends like companion animals are. They do not get tooshy slaps and belly rubs. They are mearly seen as emotionless, non-sentient objects. All animals have the capacity to suffer, but how we see them differs and that determines what we’ll tolerate happening to them.

Pigs have a higher cognitive ability than dogs do. So why do we choose to eat pigs and love dogs?

The hypocrisy of caring for dogs while eating pigs

Surely every living creature has a right to freedom and a long happy life.