Cruelty Free Shopping

Cruelty free food alternatives:

There are also plenty of cruelty-free alternatives available for everyday food items. I have listed some below. I found going vegetarian to be very easy. There are so many options available. Going vegan requires a bit more effort but is still easier than you might think.

Even just cutting back on your meat consumption makes a really big difference. To the animals, the planet and our health.

Remember. Every pound that we spend in the shops is a vote for that product. If we buy non-animal tested products then the shops will order in more of those products. Consumer power shouldn’t be under-rated. Instead of us all just being blind consumers of whatever we are told to buy. Maybe we should try to be more conscious of the things we are buying and where they come from.

Below are some great alternatives to everyday animal products. Please believe me that you will not be missing out on anything. Either health wise or taste buds wise. These products are very good so why not give some of them a try next time you go shopping?

Almond milk, hazelnut milk, soya milk, rice milk and many others. There are many different nut milks available to buy or you can easily make your own. Home made almond milk is really easy to make. My personal favourite is Almond milk. All of these are available from Sainsbury’s and Tesco’s.


There are far too many meat alternatives on the market to list them all. Many of them do have egg in them so aren’t suitable for vegans but are great for vegetarians. I found Quorn burgers and Quorn chicken style pieces a really big help in making the switchover from meat eater to vegetarian. Garden Gourmet also make some great products. Sainsbury’s meatless hotdogs taste just like the real thing, I was amazed. I wouldn’t be surprised if they have more meat in them than real hotdogs :o) I haven’t eaten hotdogs for ages because I never trusted what went into them. If I had known about these I would have bought them even before I went vegetarian and then vegan.