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Upton had been a long term resident at Bath Cats and Dogs Home since 11/01/2004. He is still looking for a home to call his own. Tel: 01225 787321.

Upton is a fantastic dog, with bundles of character that is a very chatty dog and always lets you know when he is around! He speaks on command and readily gives a paw! He is a real sunshine baby, and hates the rain – hiding away inside till it stops. He loves his cuddles once he knows you, and when a playful mood strikes he likes nothing better than a game of peek – a – boo! Upton knows most of his commands and will do anything for a food treat. He loves his walks and although bouncy on the lead to start with soon settles but is fantastic off lead and his recall is 100% perfect.

Nicknamed ‘Flumpy’ by his animal carer and has a huge band of dog walkers that love him to bits. Despite being a delight in here, Upton will require an experienced owner as problems arise when he gets into a home environment. Due to a protective nature he needs a calm, quiet home with people that are fully committed to him – and have both the time and patience to deal with his issues.

Upton has been seeking his forever home for far too long now so if you feel you have the right home and experience for him please speak to his carer – he will make a fantastic dog in the right hands. He is good with dogs but needs to homed as the only one, is not good with cats and would be find in a household where any children are aged 14+ and sensible.