Save The Harlan Beagles

Save The Harlan Beagles Campaign


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I took this video clip and photo’s at a march through Cambridge on 25th August 2012. This was for the Save The Harlan Beagles Campaign which aims to close down Harlan Interfauna. The countries last remaining breeders of Beagles for vivisection labs. Contrary to popular belief, Beagle dogs are not used only to test medicines. They are used for testing anything from garden chemicals to cosmetics.

The speech was heart wrenching to listen to but these poor animals need a voice. The organisers of this campaign are amazing people doing amazing work. The reactions of the people of cambridge were also good and many onlookers willingly took leaflets. The leaflets explained the daily torment that the poor dogs and many millions of other animals go through each year in animal experiments.

The Beagles that marched with us were such fun. Onlookers were approaching them to pet them. Which I think really helped make things hit home for people.