Animal Welfare

I recently made the decision to go vegan for ethical reasons. This means that I no longer eat meat, eggs, drink any cows milk or eat other dairy products such as cheese and yogurt. I am also trying to shop more carefully for products that are not tested on animals and I will no longer buy leather shoes or belts etc.

I thought it might be a good idea to explain my reasons for making this change in my life :o)

Prior to going vegan I was gradually cutting back my meat consumption to a point that I was only eating fish and sometimes chicken. I was replacing the meat that I had cut out of my diet with lots of cheese as a substitute. I realised that this wasn’t healthy, just loading everything with cheese.

I cut back my meat consumption because I had felt bad about eating meat for a while. I have gradually become more aware over the last couple of years about where my food comes from. I think in general most people are much more aware now.

Because I had cut a lot of meat out of my diet I started to do some research into what  vegetarians eat to get a healthy diet. It was at this point that I realised that I was in fact a vegetarian so I started looking for more information about vegetarian diets.

I then came across a feature length documentary called Earthlings. People were talking about it on You Tube and saying to watch it to find out more about our societies treatment of animals. I forced myself to watch the documentary all of the way through which was incredibly hard. I never get upset watching sad movies but I had tears in my eyes after watching this. The reason I got upset is because this is real, not just a movie and it hit me very hard. I just feel that if we are contributing towards something then we should be able to watch a video of it without a problem. If I was finding it too painful to watch then I shouldn’t contribute to it any more. As simple as that.



`Earthlings is a powerful and informative documentary about society’s treatment of animals, narrated by Joaquin Phoenix with soundtrack by Moby. This multi-award winning film by Nation Earth is a must-see for anyone who cares about animals or wishes to make the world a better place.’

If you haven’t already, I really urge you to watch Earthlings. It may help you to make some more informed decisions about your food, product and entertainment choices.

Please make sure that you watch the whole thing, all the way through. I realise that it’s very difficult to watch. The reason that it is so hard to watch is because it is real. It shows you the truth and sometimes the truth isn’t easy to stomach. So please don’t shield yourself from the truth.

When I was done watching Earthlings I had lots of mixed emotions. Sadness, anger, guilt, shock. I felt like I had been grabbed hold of and finally had some sense shaken into me. I had made myself look at what I was contributing to. I knew that I could no longer be a part of it.

Every pound that we spend is a vote in favour of the items that we choose to buy. If we choose to buy meat and other animal products then we are the ones creating the demand for those items. We are pulling the strings of the slaughter man. If we chose to buy vegetarian or vegan products then we are creating more of a demand for cruelty-free products and the shops will in turn order less animal products.

I felt immense guilt for having contributed to such things for my whole life and I had to question myself. Was I just a dog lover? Or was I an animal lover who cared for all animals that we share our beautiful planet with? These animals are not just here for us to `use’. We share our planet with them. We have no more right to be here than they do. If we are such an intelligent species then it’s time for us to step up and start being the guardians of our planet and the other creatures that share it with us rather than just systematically destroying everything. Every single individual has there own share of this responsibility.

Make the Connection.


So what can I do about it ??

It is so easy to become a vegetarian nowadays so there really is no reason not to if it’s really what you want in your heart. While we are talking about it, your heart will thank you for it too :o) You can cut right down on your cholesterol and saturated fat on a plant based diet. In fact if you decide to go vegan you will completely eliminate dietary cholesterol from your diet. These were not my primary concerns or reasons for going vegan but they are a real bonus for me.

Becoming vegan is a little harder than going vegetarian but perhaps not quite as hard as you might think. Any step in the right direction is a positive choice. You don’t have to follow a rule book to the letter if you don’t want to. Do what you know is right for you.

There is no right or wrong way of making a positive change in your life. Even if you just cut back on meat and start drinking Almond milk rather than cows milk. That alone would make a big difference. Maybe you could try going vegetarian for a month and see how much better you feel for it. If you want to go back to your previous diet after this then there is nothing stopping you.


The Dis-connect

This video is just a comedy prank filmed for TV. It shows perfectly how people in general have a disconnect when it comes to the meat on their plate. It is just seen as `meat’ in a pretty packet on the shelf. Would we be prepared to stick the knife in the animal ourselves and let it bleed to death? That is how animals die in slaughter houses. Please do ask yourself the question, `am I an animal lover ?’

Maybe people shouldn’t be asking me why I am vegan but rather asking themselves why they are not.

I have found this forum very useful. If you are interested in making positive changes to your diet you should find some useful information on there.