Chance – 18months – American Bulldog



My name is Chance and I have a bit of a sad story to tell.

My rescue lady was in tears when she saw me. I was so thin, she didn’t even know what kind of dog I was. I was covered in sores and bite marks. My mouth was so sore and all ulcers and my tummy and boy bits were all burns, possibly from the chemicals used to clean the kennels.

Our rescue lady has really looked after us and made sure that we got good food, little and often and she tended to our sores. I’m a different dog now. I’ve really come out of my shell and I’m getting stronger every day. My lovely red fur is grown back and, if I say so myself, I’m looking really quite handsome now. I’m so happy and I appreciate my new life. All I need now is my someone special to find me and love me and want to take me home with them. I love getting kisses and cuddles – but it’s obvious that everyone does want to kiss and cuddle me – I’m just that kind of lad.

I’ve turned out to be a rather handsome American Bulldog and I’m about 18 months old. I’m absolutely relishing all the attention I’m getting and I love being outside playing in the fresh air – something I thought I’d never get to do again. I tend to pull a bit on my lead but it’s only cos I’m excited to go for a walk. I can be a little bit scatty but hey, I’m just a baby and with positive training, I’ll soon be even more perfect than I am. I love playing with my toys and my rescue lady says that I think I’m just like a chihuahua cos I like to cuddle up on her knee. I suffer really really bad in kennels though – I get so sad and stressed so I really do need a foster home at the very least or even better, a furever home. Now I just need someone to take a Chance on me – you won’t regret it.


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