Many Tears Dog Rescue

Many Tears Dog Rescue is based in South Wales however they re-home and use foster homes all over the UK.

These dogs need extra special help.

Yesterday Nikki and I spent time coaxing dogs that were found in a shed at what can only be described as a hoarders place. These poor little souls have known no love, or any comfort. Even though at Many Tears we have provided them with big spacious comfortable beds they are so scared they bunch together (as seen you can see some of them in this picture). They are in great need of someone to sit with them and slowly get them used to people. Please bring chicken treats, if you choose to help them so as not to upset their tummies. They won’t be individually on the site for some days as we want them to get the chance to chill out before bathing etc, as they are so scared. PLEASE DO HELP – they so need a chance. They are terrier cross collies, but all have very very short legs, they look young, but again we have not looked inside their mouths at their teeth yet.

14-0412 UPDATE
Since we picked up these 8 dogs who had been kept in a dark shed we have had a few kind people sit with them and although they will take chicken from your hand they will not come close at all. Tomorrow we will try to separate them a little, as they are feeding of each other’s fears. If you have had great dogs in your life and feel you are knowledgeable and want to give a little of the love you have received from your canine friends back to canine in desperate need of help then maybe you would think about fostering or adopting one of these very scared maltreated dogs. They will all have all veterinary treatment before going to homes but they will be by donation only as they will be projects for sure. They are best to go individually where there is a calm gentle kind dog to help them copy and cuddle up to. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN FOSTER OR ADOPTING ONE OF THESE DOGS PLEASE CALL US ON 01269 843084.