Cassie – Lurcher X Staffie – DOB Apr ’08

Cassies Rescue Remedies forum thread.

Homing Requirements: Cassie is a vibrant, fun dog who is excellent with dogs and must live with at least one other. Cassie needs to be on an extender lead on walks and harnessed in a car as she has prey drive. 6′ panel fencing or walls with exit management. No cats or small furries. Can be left, non destructive. Good with people and older children.Her Story: Found stray in Dec 08 and was homed for 4 months but couple and their 9 year old had many holidays abroad working for a travel agents and Cassie got distressed in kennels so was returned. Cassie was fostered with 4 terriers then fostered with 4 larger dogs she is now in Farnham Kenns. Cassie is spayed, vax’d and chipped.

Advert: Cassie meets people with love and reverence. She is often out there raising funds for us and fronts up to our Rescue and so loved by so many. Cassie is the STAR of our Rescue but for her sake we would much rather she be enjoying her life in her forever family. Cassie would love to live with older children but a responsible family where there is no chance of the front door being left open or her jumping out from a car. Children adore her, see their smiles.  Her fame travels as she has some magic about her – as a therapy dog she will put people at their ease and gives them a sense of positivity and enthusiasm. She is a “happy to see you, lets have fun” dog. She loves dogs of all sizes and lives happily in a pack.