Ollie is 1 to 2 years old. He is very loving strong boy, with some little problems that in time will slowly fizzle out.

He isnt very good on the lead as he doesnt really know what one is. Also when Ollie came he had a big issue with trying to escape, he just hates kennel life. He show no interest in other dogs so could possibly be dog friendly, but we are taking everything step by step.

Please don’t be put off by his little problems as we can’t tell what he has been through. He needs time spent with him and would be a great challenge for someone. He loves cuddles but he doesn’t really know what they are either.

In the right hands and with some gentle loving care Oliver will make a smashing dog and give you more love and fun than you could ever imagine. If you think you could offer Ollie this chance please get in contact. We would prefer a home with older children or no children at all as he is very bouncy and needs one to one time spent with him.

For more info, please call Kirstie 01205 461017 or 07961665908.

Currently kennelled in Boston, Lincolnshire.